Oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) is used to measure and measure the concentration of oxygen in the air. These sensors are suitable for electronic and computer engineers to manufacture displays, transceivers and controllers, and need protection circuits and boxes. Sales of oxygen car sensors are also used. The O2 sensor has serial, analog, resistor and I2C outputs. Nutrition of this sale of sensors is unprotected. Below is the price of oxygen sensor and its variants.

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Oxygen sensors are used in medical applications, labs, cell cultures, and so on.

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O2-A2 Sensor

Output: 80 to 120 μA @ 20.9% O2
Response time t90: < 15 (s) from 20.9% to 0% O2
Diameter: 20.0 mm (including label)
Height: 17.4 mm (including foam ring)
7,085,000 ریال

KDS-25B Dissolved oxygen Sensor

Target Gas:Dissolved oxygen
Detection Range:0-80mg/L

O2 Sensor O2-C2

Output: 80 to 120 μA @ 20.9% O2
Response time t90: < 50(s) from 20.9% to 0% O2
1,000 ریال

O2-G1 Oxygen Sensor

Output: 65 to 85 μA @ 22℃, 20.9% O2
Response time t90: < 18 (s) from 20.9% to 0% O2
1,000 ریال

Oxygen Sensor LFO2-A4

Output: 90 to 120 μA @ 20.9% O2
Response time t90: < 15 (s) from 20.9% to 0 % O2
1,000 ریال

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