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CAT-5 Lan Cable Tester TES-46

Connector : RJ45 and BNC
Category : CAT5
Faults Status : Opens, Shorts, Reversed, Crossed, Split Pair
60,500,000 ریال

Wire Tracker MWT-100

Hunt signal transmission distance> 1Km
Internet cable order verifying
Adjustable sensitiveness of tracing
Headphone jack output
1,000 ریال

DSX-8000 Cable Analyzer

HDTDX/HDTDR diagnostic test times≈ 3 seconds
Internal memory:
5,000 Cat 8 with plots
12,000 Cat 6A with plots
Channel Adapter,Permanent Link Adapter:
2 GHz Range
1,000 ریال

Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit

a loud tone up to 16 km or 10 miles
RJ-11 easily connect to telephone jacks
with SmartTone™
3,400,000 ریال

Fluke Networks microscanner2

Multimedia Support
graphical wiremap
tests all common media types including :
RJ11, RJ45, Coax
18,700,000 ریال

OptiFiber® Pro OTDR

Wavelengths:850 nm,1300 nm,1310 nm,1550 nm
Max distance range setting: 40 km, 130 km
427,000,000 ریال

IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe

IntelliTone digital toning eliminates noise and false signals
diagnoses 10/100/1 Gb Ethernet link connectivity
Tones safely and clearly on active networks
Tests for continuity
7,900,000 ریال

Fluke DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

Maximum frequency 1200 MHz
Testing pair LAN cabling
Manage up to 12,000 test results with full graphics
439,800,000 ریال

fluke CertiFiber Optical Loss Test Set

Wavelengths:850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm
Power Measurement Range:
0 dBm to -65 dBm (850 nm) 0 dBm to -70 dBm (all other wavelengths)
141,000,000 ریال


Measure network capacity :10 Meg, 100 Meg, 1 Gig
cabling bandwidth qualification
Results storage Up to 250 qualification test results
measuring Insulation resistance≥ 100 M Ω
46,000,000 ریال

UT681HDMI Cable Tester

Auto check of open/short/crossover circuit
To test for: HDMI/MINI-HDMI
Scan test mode
Full display test mode
1,000 ریال

UT681C Cable Tester

To test for: RJ45/RJ11/BNC
To test for :short circuit,crossover, open circuit
Fast/slow checking modes conversion
2,050,000 ریال 1,950,000 ریال

UT681L Cable Tester

To test for: RJ45/RJ11
To test for:short circuit, crossover, open circuit
Fast/slow checking modes conversion
1,400,000 ریال

Multimetrix VT 35

Quick testing of 30 mA RCD tripping

UNI-T UT585 Digital RCD Tester

RCD test with selectable ranges
AC Voltage (V):60V~400V
trip current
Lock measurement
4,990,000 ریال

UT07B-EU socket tester

test RCDs up to 30mA

MultiFiber™ Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kit

Automatic 8, 10 and 12 fiber measurements
Troubleshoot MPO fiber links
1,000 ریال

Wire Tracker/CCTV Tester GM60

Hunt signal transmission distance:> 1Km
1,000 ریال

Wire Tracker/CCTV Tester GM61

Hunt signal transmission distance:> 1Km
1,000 ریال

LA-1012 Cable Locator

Voltage Measuring Ranges 12V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V
Freqnecy Range:0 to 60Hz
Tracing Depth cable location:0 - 2.5m
Main Voltage Detection:0 - 0.4m
1,000 ریال

CLT-1000 Cable Length Tester

Minimum Range:
pair cable or coaxial cable>5m
Single cable>10m
±(2% of reading + 10cm)<100m
±[2% of reading +20cm]≥100m
1,000 ریال

Laserliner MultiFinder Plus

Depth Range
Wooden Stud / Metal Beam: Up to 4cm
Iron/Solid Bar: Up to 10cm
Copper / Water Pipe: Up to 5cm
Live Voltage: Up to 4cm

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