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3phase Power Analyzer TES-3600

Power KW, KVAR, KVA, PF, θ ,Hz .
1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W2M & 3P4W Power Measurement.
Connectors for 4 Current Sensing Clamps
282,000,000 ریال

PROVA 23 Power Harmonics

Active (W, KW, HP), reactive (VAR, KVAR) and apparent (VA, KVA) power
Power factor (PF), phase angle (Φ), and energy
Measurement of standby power consumption for IT products
Non-interrupted AC current harmonic analysis
52,400,000 ریال

AFLEX 3007

Current Probes 3000A for PROVA 6830A
Manual:300A, 3000A
18,200,000 ریال

PROVA 6801

Current Probes (100A) for PROVA 6830A
AC Current :0.04A to 100A
79,200,000 ریال

PROVA 6802

Current Probes (1000A) for PROVA 6830A
AC Current :0.04A to 1000A
79,200,000 ریال

PROVA 6830A Power and Harmonics Analyzer

Analysis for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, 1P3W
- ACA (0.04A to 6000A) and ACV measurement: TRMS, Auto range
(Active Power (W, KW, MW, GW
(Apparent and Reactive Power (KVA,KVAR
(Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle( ϕ
(Energy (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH
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TES WM-03 Power Quality Data Logger

4Displays with W, PF, V, A
Easy Plug-in and Test
True RMS measurements
112,600,000 ریال

PROVA-6200 Power Quality Analyzer

AC Current:4.0 V - 1500.0 A
AC Voltage:4.0 - 600.0 V
Power Factor:0-1
Phase Angle :-180 ° to 180 °
AC Watt:10W - 9999 KW
120,900,000 ریال

RGB-1002 COLOR ANALYZER, probe + meter

* Measuring sample : no lighting sample ( textiles, paper, leathers...). * Measurement value : RGB value, HSL value (Hue/Saturation/Luminance). * R (Red) value : 0 to 1023.
1,000 ریال

POWER ANALYZER, bench type DW-6090A

* Large LCD, multi-displays. * True rms for WATT, ACV, ACA. * Watt, VA, Power factor, ACV, ACA, VAr, Whr, DCV, DCA, ohms, RS-232. * Accept current probe & CT input. Battery power.
1,000 ریال


* 3 phase/4 wire, 3 phase/3 wire, 1 phase/2 wire, 1 phase/3 wire * True rms measurement for ACA, ACV. * True power : W, KW, MW. * VA, KVA, MVA, VAR, KVAR, MVAR. * PF (power factor), phase angle.
1,000 ریال

4000/5000 Power Analyzer

Voltage Input Range 0.3 to 1000 V
Bandwidth: dc to 3 MHz or dc to 10 MHz
power harmonics up to the 40th
1,000 ریال

fluke 1736 Power logger

Voltage:1000 V
Frequency:42.5 Hz to 69 Hz
Input impedance:10 MΩ
Current: Direct input with i17xx-flex up to 6000 A
192,000,000 ریال

Fluke 434 II Energy Analyzer

Logger function for up to 600 parameters
measures the fiscal cost of energy wasted
600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated
228,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1760 Power Quality Recorder

10MHz, 6000 Vpk waveform capture
2GB data memory
960,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1750 Three-Phase Power Recorder

8000 Vpk waveform capture
Measure every parameter
with IEC61000-4-30 standards
540,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1750-TF Power Quality Recorder

5MHz, 8000 Vpk waveform capture
with IEC61000-4-30 standards
Measure every parameter Voltage and current
600,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1745 Power Quality Logger

logging up to 500 parameter
with EN50160 power quality standard
IEC61000-4-30 Class-A voltage accuracy
220,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1744 Power Quality Logger

logging up to 500 power parameters
with the IP65
with the IEC61000-4-30 Class-A compliant
voltage accuracy 0.1-Percent.
220,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1743 Power Quality Loggers

logging up to 500 power parameters
with the IP65
IEC61000-4-30 Class-A compliant
voltage accuracy 0.1-Percent
220,000,000 ریال

Fluke 43B Power Analyzer

NiMH Battery operating time of 6.5 hours
Calculates 3-phase power on balanced loads
As a millimeter and scope
140,000,000 ریال

Fluke 1735 Power logger

Record power and parameters up to 45 days
with IP65 case, 600 V CAT III
Measure all three phases and neutral
with included 4 flexible current probes
156,000,000 ریال

Fluke 345 Power analyzer

Capture and analyze nuisance tripping
from 3 to 300 seconds
measurement AC/DC current:
of AC current up to 1400A rms
and DC current up to 2000A
11,200,000 ریال

Power Quality Analyzer UT285A

AC Voltage range:0.1~1000V
AC Current range: 3000A
Power Energy: 9000kW
1,000 ریال

Power Quality Analyzer UT283A

Voltage: 10V~1000V AC/DC
AC Current : 10A/100A/1000A
Frequency :40~70Hz
Power Factor:0~1.0
1,000 ریال


power measuremen,: max. value up to 10,000 watt
ACA :600 A max. range
DC voltage 200 V
AC voltage 600 V
OHMS 2 k ohm
1,000 ریال


AC current measurement up to 3000A
AC voltage measurement up to 600V
AC watt measurement up to 9999KW
66,000,000 ریال


AC current range:0.060 A to 600.0 A
AC voltage range:80V to 600V
Power range:5W to 360kW

TES- 3079K Power Clamp Meter

Voltage AC,DC:600V
AC Current :1000A
Resistance: 100MΩ
Frequency: 1KHz
26,400,000 ریال

UT233 POWER Clamp Meter

AC Current (A):40A/100A/400A/1000A
AC Voltage (V):15V/100V/300V/600V
Active Power (W):0.01kW-600kW
1,000 ریال

TES-3050 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter

DC: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V
AC: 4V/40V/400V/750V
Current Range 400/1000A
Ohms Resistance Range:400Ω -40MΩ
Frequency Range:100Hz-800KHz
44,400,000 ریال

100v/10A Oled Voltage Current Time Capacity Power Meter Module

Voltage range:0.0-99.9V
Current range:0.00-9.99A
Power range: 00.00-99.99-999.9W
Energy range: 0-9999.9Wh
Capacity range:00.000-99.999Ah
Temperature range:-15°c ~60°c
1,000 ریال

DT-3352 Digital Clamp On Power Meter

AC Voltage:750V
DC Voltage:1000V
AC/DC Current:1500A
True Power:900kW

DT-3353 1000A AC/DC Watt Clamp Meter

AC Voltage:15V/100V/300V/750V
AC Current:40A/100A/400A/1000A
True Power:0.60kW—750kW
Power Factor:0.3-1
1,000 ریال

Timing Power Monitor GM88

Power supply:220V 50Hz Max 16A
Accuracy: 1.0
Constant: 6400imp/kWh
Power dissipation: <1W
1,000 ریال

Micro Power Monitor GM86

Power supply:220V 50Hz Max 10A
Accuracy: 1.0
Constant: 6400imp/kWh
Power dissipation: <1W
1,000 ریال

Micro Power Monitor GM87

Power supply:220V 50Hz Max 10A
Accuracy: 1.0
Constant: 6400imp/kWh
Power dissipation: <1W
1,000 ریال

Timing Power Monitor GM88

Power supply:220V 50Hz Max 10A
Accuracy: 1.0
Constant: 6400imp/kWh
Power dissipation: <1W
1,000 ریال

Power Clamp PROVA-6600

3 f 4W, 3 f 3W, 3 f Balanced, 1 f 2W
and 1 f 3W Power Measurement
80,600,000 ریال

Power Clamp PROVA-6601

PF( 3 Φ 3W , 3 Φ 4W 1Φ 2W )
AC+DC 2000A, 600V Power Factor
AC+DC 1200KW(1 Φ ) AC+DC 200KW(3Φ )
84,700,000 ریال

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