Invitation to cooperate

Invitation to cooperation from manufacturers and suppliers:
With the new definition of Internet commerce in Iran, Sensotek has provided the opportunity for all manufacturers and suppliers in the field of measuring, instrumentation and instrumentation components, equipment and devices to provide customers with their products online. Manufacturers and Importers can easily place their products on the site of the site and submit them to the customers by registering on the site and obtaining confirmation from the managers of the SonyTec Store. We also invite individuals who are willing to invest or participate in the activity of the Sensuto store (offering and manufacture electronic measurement instruments), and we hope that with the advent of new thinking, more growth and better service will be provided. Customers have steps ahead.

Invitation to co-operate with human forces:

The Seventech Store is a member of a persistent and motivated person with a high level of public relations living in Tehran, either part-time or full-time, with social security benefits in a friendly and dynamic environment. Individuals interested in the field of sales and sales promotion experts, electronics and computer engineers can send their CV to