Carbon monoxide sensor

The carbon monoxide sensor (carbon monoxide gas or CO) is used to measure and measure the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the air. This carbon monoxide sensor is suitable for electronic and computer engineers to manufacture and display displays, transmitters, carbon monoxide detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and controllers, and these sensors require protection circuits, microcontrollers and boxes. A variety of carbon monoxide sensors have serial, analogue, resistor and I2C outputs. Nutrition of this sale of sensors is unprotected. Below is the price of carbon monoxide sensor and its variants. Some of these sensors include:
Membrapor, Alpha Sense, KWJ, Nemoto, Switzerland, Sixth Sense, UK, Japan, Dart Sensors, Hanwei, Figaro, China, martGAS, Germany, UST, Hanwei, MICROSENS, Applied Sensor, Electrochemical gas sensors and detectors, Optical gas sensors and Detectors, Semiconductor gas sensors and detectors, ECOSure-2e, Micro Sensor-CO, SureCell-CO, CO / SF-200, CO / CF-200, CO / МF-200, CO / SFА-200, CO / SFА-200 CO / S-1000, CO / C-1000, CO / S-1000, CO / SF-1000, CO / S-500, CO / SF-500-S, CO / 1000, CO / SF-1000-S, CO / SFA-10000, CO / SFA-10000-S, CO / SF-2000-S, CO / CF-2000, CO / MF-2000, CO / SF-4000- S, CO-CFA-1000, CO / SFA-1000, CO / MFA-500, CO / CFA-200, CO / CFA-500, CO / CFA-10000, CO / SF-4E-S, CO / SF- 2E, CO / MF-2E, CO / SF-2E-S, CO-AE, CO-AF, CO-AX, CO-BF, CO-BX, CO-D4, NAP-505, NT-CO, NET- 2X-CO, NT-CO-2F, NT-CO-6D, TGS5042,3ET1CO1500, M-Series CO, S-Series, R-Series, ME2-CO, ME3-CO, ME4-CO, AS-MLC, MSGS -3001, TGS2442, MQ307A, MQ-7, GGS-2330-T-CO, SH-COM-CO, SH-COH-CO and tgs3870, TGS5042-A00, TGS5042-B00, TGS5141, FECS40-1000, CMM5042,

A carbon monoxide sensor in the greenhouse, mushroom, air conditioning, parking, generator output test, home and ... is used.

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Carbon Monoxide Transmitter Model HT6

Modbus/RTU output
Current and voltage output
Variety of measured range

TGS5042-B00 CO sensor

Target gases Carbon monoxide
CO range:0 ~ 10,000ppm

TGS5042-A00 CO sensor

Target gases Carbon monoxide
CO range:0 ~ 10,000ppm

alphasense CO gas sensors

CO,Carbon Monoxide gas sensors
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Membrapor CO gas sensors

CO,Carbon Monoxide gas sensors
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ME2-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Detection gas:CO
Measurement Range:0~1000 ppm

CO-A4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Range: 500ppm limit of performance warranty
Sensitivity: 220 to 375nA/ppm in 2ppm CO

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Range:1000 ppm limit of performance warranty
Sensitivity: 420 to 650nA/ppm at 2ppm CO

CO-CE Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Range: 10,000 ppm CO limit of performance warranty
Sensitivity: 10 to 25nA/ppm in 2,000ppm CO
Resolution: < 5 RMS noise (ppm equivalent)

CO-D4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Range: 1,000ppm limit of performance warranty
Resolution: < 1.5RMS noise (ppm equivalent)
Sensitivity: 30 to 55nA/ppm in 400ppm CO

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