HOOYAR Engineering Company

HOOYAR Engineering Company
HOOYAR Precision Instrument Engineering Company started its official activity in 2013 with a team of electrical, electronic and computer engineers in the production of measuring devices, precision instrument equipment, electronic devices and industrial automation. It is worth mentioning that HOOYAR products are designed and produced to meet the needs of the country's industry, according to industrial standards and with ideas from leading foreign manufacturing companies in the field of precision and electronic equipment.
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All kinds of HOOYAR products
One of the activities of Danesh Banyan Engineering HOOYAR in the field of designing and producing measuring devices and precision instruments is as follows:

- Types of indicators

- Types of controllers and industrial controllers such as: intelligent greenhouse control, intelligent control, air conditioner controller. Industrial controllers are one of the most important products of Manhadsi company, which has more than 10 years of service in these industries.

- Types of industrial analyzers such as: measuring and pressure devices, temperature, repair and gas analyzers.

Industrial protocols

The devices produced by HOOYAR company are standard to all kinds of industrial protocols. Standard industry protocols make equipment productivity easy for electrical and computer engineers.

The types of industrial protocols of HOOYAR products are:

Analog and digital outputs

Network and serial outputs

Wireless output

Engineering services of HOOYAR Engineering Company

- Designing, manufacturing, implementing, programming and setting up industrial automation control systems with all types of PLC and HMI with the best quality and fully customized

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HD81 Carbon Dioxide Display and Controller

4 Output Relays
Swedish Carbon Dioxide Sensor
130,000,000 ریال

Display & Controller 3 Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide Model HD81

4 Output Relays
Swedish Carbon Dioxide Sensor
3 Temperature Sensors (Extended Cable Length)
Humidity Sensor
150,000,000 ریال

سنسور دی اکسید کربن

کد کالا HD۸۱

سنسور گاز کربنیک

کد کالا HD۸۵