Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detector
Carbon monoxide detector or carbon monoxide alarm is used to detect the leakage of poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide gas is a gas that occurs due to the incomplete combustion of oxygen and carbon. CO gas detector is very toxic and deadly, but it has no specific color and smell. The carbon monoxide gas detector is an electronic device that is used to detect CO gas, which has features such as: siren, alarm relay (to disconnect and connect the gas valve, external alarm, etc.), display, Wi-Fi network, etc. which has a great impact on the price of carbon monoxide detector. Buying a carbon monoxide detector has a battery and indicates that the battery is running out. The sale of carbon monoxide detector must have the approval of the fire department. The manufacturer, the carbon monoxide sensor used has a great influence on the price of the carbon monoxide detector. One of the important issues that the consumer should pay attention to is the production and expiration date of the carbon monoxide detector. It is better to test the carbon monoxide detector once every 3 months.

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Types of carbon monoxide detector:

GS81 carbon monoxide gas alarm device, LM-201A carbon monoxide gas alarm device
Carbon monoxide detector

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Carbon Monoxide Transmitter Model HT6

Modbus/RTU output
Current and voltage output
Variety of measured range

carbon monoxide alarm GS811

CO range:20PPM to 999PPM
alarm for more than 85db

Carbon Monoxide alarm Detector LM-201A

CO range: 25PPM to 550PPM
alarm for more than 85 db

GCO1 carbon monoxide and explosive gas alarm

with electrochemical CO sensor
with metal oxide explosive gas sensor
alarm at the following levels:
400 PPM CO between 4 and 15 minutes
150 PPM CO between 10 and 50 minutes
70 PPM CO between 60 and 240 minutes

CO250 detector

electrochemical CO sensor
Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10 feet

SCO500 smoke and CO alarm

Wireless Frequency: 915 MHz
Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10 feet
Smoke Sensor: Photoelectric
CO Sensor: Electrochemical

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