Chlorine Sensor

Chlorine sensor
Chlorine sensor (O3, Ozone, Ozone) is used to measure chlorine and measure chlorine gas concentration in the air. Chlorine sensor is suitable for electronic and computer engineers to make and produce chlorine display, chlorine controller, chlorine detection device and chlorine transmitter and it needs protection circuits and box. Chlorine sensor has serial, analog and I2C outputs. The chlorine sensor is unprotected and requires special circuits. The price of chlorine sensor and types of chlorine sensor are presented below. Chlorine gas is used to disinfect water and air. The amount of chlorine concentration in the air must be controlled and monitored because the concentration of chlorine exceeding the permissible limit harms humans and living organisms and causes severe lung complications. One of the pollutions of big cities is excessive concentration of chlorine gas. Chlorine sensor | Chlorine sensor sale | Chlorine sensor types | Chlorine sensor price | Chlorine sensor purchase