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SENSOTEC is a specialized review, testing, buying and selling of Internet components and measuring equipment in Iran. All measuring and instrumentation products are offered in SENSOTEC with a unique variety of all Iranian and foreign companies. Sensutc is trying to get a major share of the online marketplace for measuring instruments and instruments in Iran, with the cooperation of all domestic manufacturers and importers of foreign items, with a very diverse range of brands.

The SENSOTEC is a local online retailer of tools and devices for measuring and instrumentation. Suppliers of these items can register with the site and obtain approval from site administrators to sell and sell their branded items on SENSOTEC's website. .

SENSOTEC has an e-trust symbol from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, and has all the official licenses required to operate in this area.

SENSOTEC has always been one of the priorities for producing and delivering the technical content needed by users with the highest standards to facilitate their pre-purchase process. For SENSOTEC, it's very important for thousands of users to choose their specialized product with the highest accuracy and ease. SENSOTEC does not hide any attempt to improve the quality of its customers' purchases and always strives to create the most value for its users and customers during the buying process, before, during and after the purchase, and in keeping with customers at The process of buying and maintaining an impartial position among them will do its utmost. SENSOTEC users and customers can choose the right SENSOTEC website with the highest degree of confidence and get the complete information to choose the right product. It is always the best choice and the best service, it deserves the SENSOTEC customer.


SENSOTEC, by providing a wide range of reputable brands in different groups and in close cooperation with major importers and distributors of these goods in Iran, is trying to meet the different needs of customers with their different uses. . Delivering fully competitive and affordable prices, along with the desirable quality of after-sales service, are among the priorities of SENSOTEC. Understanding the importance of this issue for our customers, SENSOTEC strives to offer the lowest prices and best service by utilizing the full potential and tools available in its interactions with suppliers. Shopping incentive schemes have always been a concern for customers, and SENSOTEC has always been paying significant discounts in order to appreciate its loyal customers in the form of various incentive schemes for them. The quality and ease of use of the SENSOTEC website and the services provided is always one of SENSOTEC's most important and top priority issues, and all its technical and professional staff are doing their utmost to provide quality service. The most up-to-date and most up-to-date Web-based services, and the easy-to-find, easy-to-find, and buy-in process on SENSOTEC's Web site, will bring a pleasing service to your audience.

It should be noted that SENSOTEC does not have sales and after-sales services at any point in the country other than the central unit located in Tehran, and all services are provided throughout the country only at this center.

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