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HP-36K Mini Multimeter

Less power consumption
compact in structure
Easy to operate, easy to carry
Auto Shut Down
Data Hold
Display: 3999
$ 30.43

Peripheral thermostat TLV93F

Power supply voltage: 180 to 380 V, 50 to 60 Hz Relay output: 1.5amp at 220Vac, 1amp at 380Vac
$ 14.78

Laser Distance measurer HP-5060

Continuous Measurement
Min/Max Distance Tracking
Buzzer indication
$ 48.7

HP-36D LCR Multimeter

Display- digit: 1999
Capacitance : 200pF – 20mF
$ 50.43 $ 47.83

HP-33D Multimeter

DC Voltage 200mV~600V
AC Voltage 200V~600V
DC Current 200μA~10A
Resistance 200Ω~2MΩ
$ 18.26

HD81 Carbon Dioxide Display and Controller

4 Output Relays
Swedish Carbon Dioxide Sensor
$ 304.35

HP 850F Clamp Meter

AC Voltage 15V~600V
AC Current 40A~1000A
Frequency 20Hz~500Hz
$ 326.96

Laboratury Regolated DC POWER Supply

Output 0~30V/0~10A
Constant voltage and constant current operations
$ 165.22

Display & Controller 3 Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide Model HD81

4 Output Relays
Swedish Carbon Dioxide Sensor
3 Temperature Sensors (Extended Cable Length)
Humidity Sensor
$ 356.52

GasAlert Max XT ll

Monitors H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles
Compatible with MicroDock II
$ 1130.43

carbon monoxide alarm GS811

CO range:20PPM to 999PPM
alarm for more than 85db
$ 39.13

HT83 air pressure difference transmitter

50% Pascal suffering
Range 0 to 250 Pascal
500% Pascal suffering
Suffering 2000 ± Pascal
$ 191.3

HP-37C Multimeter

AC Voltage:6V/60V/600V
DC Voltage:600mV/6V/60V/600V
AC/DC Current:600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA/6A/10A
$ 57.04

9 تب سنج هانوکس مدل LCT-200

قابلیت اندازه گیری از فاصله 10cm از سطح پیشانی با دقت نمایشگر 0.1
سه قابلیت در یک دستگاه(گوش،پیشانی،دمای اتاق)

UTP3315TFL DC Power Supply

Output voltage:0~30V
Output current:0~5A
Output power:150W
$ 124.35 $ 130.43

Testo 310

Measures O2, CO (with built-in NOx filter), CO2
measure Draft & pressure,Temperature
measure Combustion / flue gas efficiency & excess air
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DT-8920 Pressure and Flow Meters

Pilot Tube measures Air Velocity/Airflow
Pressure Range:5000 Pa
Air velocity:1.00-80.00 m/s
±0.7252psi range
$ 321.74 $ 304.35

HP-870A Clamp meter

AC Voltage:750V
DC voltage:1000V
Measuring Current Range:20A-1000A
Measuring Resistance Range:2000Ω
$ 53.04

GM320 Infrared Thermometer

Temperature range: -50C~380C
D:S 12:1

TA-288 Digital Thermometer

-50 degree Celsius ~ 300 degree Celsius
$ 3.48


Laser Infrared Thermometer
Temperature Gun