Hydrogen Sensor

Hydrogen gas sensor

A hydrogen gas sensor is used to measure the amount of hydrogen gas in the air. H2 is the lightest chemical element with atomic number one in the atomic table. Hydrogen gas is a colorless, odorless gas. Hydrogen gas has an extremely high flame property. The ignition limit or LEL of hydrogen gas is 4.18% by volume in air. The price of a hydrogen sensor in hydrogen gas transmitters or hydrogen gas detectors that are mandatory in lead-acid (acidic) battery charging rooms due to the accumulation of explosive hydrogen gas or hydrogen gas exchangers and any other space where hydrogen gas accumulates.
Different types of hydrogen gas sensors have different stability and lifespan and require an electronic driver circuit and are not available to the general public. Usually the hydrogen gas sensor is electrochemical. You can contact the numbers available on the Sensotec website as an importer of various types of gas sensors to sell hydrogen sensors and find out the price list of hydrogen gas sensors. The production of hydrogen gas sensors and the production of hydrogen gas detectors are done by various Chinese, American, Taiwanese and European companies under the names of Honeywell Vinsen winsen city cell, each of which has its own advantages. You can find out the specifications of different types of hydrogen sensors by calling our experts. Hydrogen gas analyzer

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