HK Instruments is a family-owned Finnish company that helps its customers to keep the quality of indoor air and the functionality of buildings high, resulting in well-being and energy savings. We design highly accurate and easy-to-use measuring devices, mainly for HVAC applications in ventilation and building automation systems.

Having lived in the clean Finnish climate, we know what it is like to breath in good-quality fresh air. This is why we have been leading the way, in Finland and abroad, for 30 years, allowing everyone to enjoy good-quality indoor air.

Our advanced measuring devices produce highly accurate real-time information about indoor air to the building management system. This leads to high functionality of the building, which supports the wellbeing of people while keeping energy costs down. Our products are known for their ease of use. Applications for our devices range from highly demanding laboratory conditions to regular residential buildings.

Solutions for measuring air pressure, air flows, air velocities, liquid pressures, temperature, CO2 gas concentration and relative humidity within air handling and ventilation systems.
Differential pressure transmitters
Carbon dioxide transmitters
Modbus products
Air flow and velocity transmitters
Pressure and flow controllers
Humidity transmitters
Carbon monoxide transmitters

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DPT-R8 differential pressure transmitters

Accuracy for models 250 and 2500:
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1 % + ±1 Pa
Accuracy for model 7000:
Pressure< 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±1 Pa

DPT-MOD differential pressure transmitter

Communication:RS-485 Modbus
Measure and monitor:
in-duct volume flow
velocity or differential pressure


(model 2500):
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1 % + ±1 Pa
(model 7000):
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±1 Pa


voltage output:0-10V
current output:4-20mA

DPT-2W differential pressure transmitter

Accuracy (from FS):±%1.5
(Long term stability:≤ ± 8 Pa(for model 2500