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Tarqu Meter


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TQ-8800TORQUE METER, 15 Kg-cm

* Professional torque meter with separate probe. * 15 Kg-cm torque sensor included. * 3 units : 15 Kg-cm/13 LB-inch/147.1 N-cm.

Torque Wrench, 1000 Kg-cm TQ-8803

* Professional and Heavy duty torque wrench. * Range : 1000 Kgf-cm, 9,807 Newton-cm. * Unit : Kgf-cm, lbf-in, lbf-ft, N-cm, N-m. * Auto data hold function to freeze the last measurement reading. * Size of square drive : 3/8 inch square (9.53 mm square).

Digital Torque Meter (series) MTQ-300

- High accuracy, High resolution and High sample rate - Setting the upper and lower deviation value freely, sound alarm and automatically level signal output - Test direction display (clockwise" + ", counterclockwise" - ") - Liquid crystal display, green back-light panel - Store 99 groups of test data, automatically calculating and storing the average of data, maximum and minimum

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